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Making Breakfast Count – pt2

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Blueberry Streusel Muffins
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No Time for Breakfast?

How do you make time in the morning for a well rounded breakfast when you have to get your kids up, get yourself ready for work, and get everyone out the door on time? Sounds like it may be an impossible task, but there are many ways to offset this problem.  Purchasing foods that can be eaten on the go, getting up an extra 15 minutes earlier in the morning, and planning ahead are a few ways to integrate breakfast intro your morning routine.

Cereal bars, yogurts, muffins are all perfect for eating in the car, on the bus, or as you walk to school or work. If eating on your way to you daily responsibilities is not an option for you, getting up an extra 15 minutes early in the morning can ensure you have time to eat a bowl of cereal, make scrambled eggs, or prepare and eat almost any other breakfast food before heading out. Lastly, just as you would make your lunch for the next day or set aside your clothes for work or school, planning breakfast the night before can really help save precious time.  For example, it’s as simple as setting out the box of cereal with the bowls and spoons the night before, which not only gives you one less thing to take care of in the morning, but it also serves as a reminder to eat breakfast.

The great thing about many breakfast foods, as compared to foods typically for lunch or dinner, is most are fortified with vitamins and minerals and are quick and easy to make.  While we have said breakfast is the most important meal, simply eating a doughnut or having a cup of coffee is not going to be beneficial.

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Starting the Day with Breakfast – part 1

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In the spirit of National School Breakfast Week (ending March 12th), we are posting a 3 part series on “Starting the Day with Breakfast”.  After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But why (you ask)? Well, we will let Lauren Headrick, our BHC project Intern and nutrition student provide you with the details!

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Part 1 – Making Breakfast Count

On any given weekday morning, the sound of alarm clocks, showers, and parents hurrying their kids out the door can be heard all over the city. One sound that is often not heard enough is the sizzle of cooking food or the clank of breakfast dishes.  While many have heard that

breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a large percentage of school age children are still skipping this early day meal.

Beginning the day with a healthy breakfast not only feeds the brain and body, but it can also help curb cravings throughout the day and promote weight loss. Many breakfast foods are designed specifically to fuel the body with the nutrients it needs to get the day started. Whole grains and fiber found in cereals, bagels, and breakfast breads are perfect for waking up the brain. Studies have shown that students that start the day with breakfast perform better on standardized tests and are more attentive in school. Also, by not skipping a meal first thing in the morning, youth and adults alike are less likely to binge eat or snack excessively throughout the day. As we are sleeping, the body is undergoing many processes of repair and prepares us for the next day, which leaves our gas tank on empty when we wake up.

It has been shown that individuals who start the day with a well balanced breakfast not only snack and eat less throughout the day, but they also tend to naturally make healthier food choices at other meals. Jump starting your metabolism first thing in the morning by consistently eating a healthy breakfast has also been shown to promote weight loss and aides in maintaining a healthy weight. When comparing two individuals on a diet and exercise program, those who ate breakfast everyday had more success in losing weight and keeping the weight off for 6 months or more than those who skipped it all together.

Knowing how important breakfast is to starting the day off on the right foot, however, is just the beginning.

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Substituting Foods in Recipes

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When you are looking to reduce your intake of fatty foods, small changes or substitutions in your recipes or your eating habits can prove beneficial to your health.  For instance, egg whites are a substitute for the whole egg, or egg yolk. Perhaps a baked potato instead of french fries (as long as you watch what toppings you add to the top of the potato).

The American Heart Association offers a list of ‘Smart Substitutions’.  Check them out here>>

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National School Breakfast Week

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National School Breakfast Week

March 8 through March 12 is National School Breakfast Week across the country, and we want to help you and your family celebrate! Take this opportunity now to learn the benefits of a healthy breakfast, ways to increase breakfast consumption, and ideas for a well rounded breakfast. Follow along for posts about breakfast!

About National School Breakfast Week

National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) was launched in 1989 to raise awareness of the availability of the School Breakfast Program (SBP) to all children. Each year, the School Nutrition Association (SNA) helps schools to celebrate NSBW with a fun theme – this year it is School Breakfast Ready Set Go! Learn more at their website.

Please join us in promoting awareness and eating a healthy breakfast each day this week!

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Spring Vegetables

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Spinach Orange Salad.
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Do you know what vegetables are in season this spring?  Well, here are a few picks for the season…



New Potatoes

Green Beans



We can think of a few opportunities to sprinkle these fresh vegetables into flavorful dishes!  How about a spinach & leafy green salad with sliced strawberries and walnuts with raspberry vinaigrette? Or green beans tossed in with roasted potatoes and a green bean casserole.  What kind of dish could you make with a spring veggie?

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Yummy Spring Recipe

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We recently came across a yummy recipe on the RealSimple website that includes spinach.  Try it and tell us what you think!

Honey-Soy Glazed Salmon With Spinach and Peppers

1 tablespoon honey
3 teaspoons low-sodium soy sauce
1 skinless salmon fillet (1 1/4-pound piece), cut into 4 pieces
kosher salt and black pepper
1 tablespoon canola oil
1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon chopped fresh ginger
3 bunches spinach, thick stems removed (about 12 cups)
1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds

Heat broiler. In a small bowl, combine the honey and 1 teaspoon of the soy sauce.
Place the salmon on a foil-lined broiler-proof baking sheet and season with ½ teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon pepper. Broil for 5 minutes. Spoon the honey mixture over the salmon and broil until the salmon is opaque throughout, 2 to 5 minutes more.
Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the bell pepper and cook, tossing occasionally, until just tender, 3 to 4 minutes; stir in the ginger.
Add the spinach and ½ teaspoon salt and cook, tossing, until just wilted, 2 to 3 minutes. Add the remaining 2 teaspoons of soy sauce. Serve with the salmon and sprinkle with the sesame seeds.

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