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What to choose?

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When choosing fruits and vegetables, there is one main rule to keep in mind, the more colorful the better. The benefits received from eating a tomato are different than those from eating broccoli. Eating fruits and vegetables of different colors gives your body a wide range of valuable nutrients, like fiber, folate, potassium, and vitamins A and C.

Some examples include green spinach, orange sweet potatoes, black beans, yellow corn, purple plums, red watermelon, and white onions. Click here for a more detailed list of which foods contain the most highly desired nutrients.

There are many options as to how you can purchase your fruits and vegetables. Purchasing from your local Famer’s Market is your best option in terms of price and freshness. Once fruits and vegetables have been picked, they immediately begin losing some of their nutritional benefits, such as amount of Vitamin A and C.

Purchasing from Farmer’s Markets helps cut down the time from the garden to the table. Canned or frozen fruits and vegetables are also beneficial due to added convenience, price, and extended shelf life. Freezing vegetables “locks in” important vitamins and stops the nutrient loss that can occur in fresh vegetables over time and frozen vegetable are often the least expensive option. When choosing canned products, look for those that specify low sodium/salt and no added sugar.

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Fight Sickness with Food

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How do you fight that cold and reduce your blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease risks and symptoms all at once? Eat more fruits and vegetables! Fresh, canned, and frozen, fruits and vegetables provide valuable vitamins, minerals, and fiber that may help protect you against cardiovascular disease, stroke, and certain cancers. Knowing what to chose, how to prepare, and how much to eat, you can arm your body with tools it needs to fight almost anything that may come your way.

Stay tuned for more posts about how fruits and vegetables help keep you healthy!

– Lauren Headrick, Community Intern – War on Poverty Florida- Build A Healthy Community Project

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